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Latest article: 8 Tips To Be A Better Accountant

In the bookkeeping and accounting industry things are always changing but the fundamentals stay the same.  Here are some tips that will save you time, help you become more efficient, decrease your stress levels and possibly help you enjoy your everyday job as a brilliant accountant.


Hopefully these tips will also help you focus on how to streamline your daily processes and provide you with the tools to become one of the best accountants in such a competitive industry.


1. Get a Routine– try to keep your routine as consistent as possible and make sure it flows well without too many changes.  By doing this you are streamlining your brain instead of making it work overtime and you will be able to concentrate better on what is in front of you without too many distractions.


2. Do the tough tasks firsts– Face your tasks head on instead of putting them off.  It takes discipline and mental-training to get into a good habit of tackling the toughest tasks first, once you have done these you will feel more motivated that you have accomplished a huge load and will be roaring to get through the rest of your   ...(read more)

Who is Need an Accountant?

Need an Accountant is a web directory that provides information on bookkeepers and accountants. This also includes chartered accountants, auditors, accounting officers and many accounting firms you need to find.


Need an Accountant was founded in 2010 by two accountants who has their own accounting firm. This in itself has added to the success of Need an Accountant, by having all the right knowledge about the accounting industry and having worked with auditors and chartered accountants before, they knew what it took to have a successful accounting firm and wanted to extend that. Need an accountant is a simple and easy way for accountants to find clients and for clients to find an accountant.


Whether you need to find a bookkeeper or accountant in Johannesburg or Cape Town, Need an Accountant is an easy and user friendly directory that will give you the information you need by just clicking on any part of the map. If you do not have the time to go find an auditor or accountant in Durban or a find a specific accounting firm in Pretoria, why not let an accountant contact you by submitting your details.


Here at Need an Accountant, we want to make life simple and easy. Find an accountant real quick and get your financial needs met. It is as simple as saying “one, two, three… Accountant.”


Accountants in Johannesburg and Sandton


Johannesburg accountants or Sandton accountants and other areas in the city of gold will make sure your business gets the financial attention it needs. Click here to view our Johannesburg and Sandton Accountants.


Durban Accountants and Pietermaritzburg


Accountants in Durban, Pietermaritzburg and other areas are there for your import and export business and any other assistance you may require financially when you find an accountant. Click here to view all Durban and Pietermaritzburg accountants.


Accountants in Cape Town  

Cape Town accountants
or accountants in The Garden Route are your answer to any income tax help and accounting software support. The best is these tax consultants do it with a smile. View our Cape Town and Garden Route accountants by clicking here.


Pretoria Accountants


Accountants in Pretoria are away from the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg accountants, but they provide the same level of excellent service as an accounting officer, and most of the time in Afrikaans. Click here to view our Pretoria accountants.